Distance Learning

Our Core Curriculum is Leadership 215, the Every Nation global standard for ordained ministers of the gospel.  Each month you will complete a course including twelve 40-minute lectures with accompanying manual. Additionally, each month you will typically read one book associated with that month’s course. To help consolidate the learning, you will write a short paper on that month’s topic.  


Collaborative Learning

Cohort: Each month you will participate in a 90-minute cohort conversation around that month’s curriculum content and reading, hosted by an Every Nation leader. In addition to connecting with other students and growing with your fellow cohort members, these monthly conversations will help consolidate information and explore practical application in specific ministry contexts.

Ministry Track: Additionally, you will participate in a quarterly web meeting with your track. You will do a presentation, discuss key findings from your reading, and receive input from the track leader.   


Practical Learning

Our focus is on developing leaders equipped for effective ministry with theological foundations and practical ministry skills. Throughout your enrollment you will be participating in ministry with your local church. The culmination of the programme is a ministry project you design and lead in conjunction with your senior pastor.  



A core component of ENSM are the two residentials. These are compulsory for all students and occur in the 2nd week of February each year.  Learn more here.